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Our Job

Distribution - Design in partner, for ac/dc Power supplies and dc/dc Converters
VP électronique is a value added distributor, provider of power solutions such as ac/dc Power supplies and dc/dc Converters.

These subsets allow to provide the voltages and the currents required to operate equipments.

In addition, VP électronique also represents many leading manufacturers in the field of power conversion systems.

VP électronique is a French family business established in 1967.

VP électronique focuses its commercial offer around 4 departments.

  •  Energy conversion
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Packaging solutions, and cabinets
  • Power electronic and precision components

The complementarity of these departments is an asset allowing VP électronique to have a global vision that contributes to the relevance of proposed solutions.

The objective of VP électronique is to give quick and easy access to a range of solutions in product families that comprise its Global Offering Energy.

Reactive and experienced VP électronique teams bring you the commercial and technical support you expect. 

Products are constantly changing and growing fast, both in terms of performance as a normative point of view; this is what makes our discussions so exciting.

Together we can build a successful relationship!

You have a design ? 

You are studying a new product and looking for a solution in energy conversion?

You work on a test bench and looking for a solution in instrumentation?

We have the solution !

We are providers of solutions in the field of energy conversion and power instrumentation, test and measurement.

We offer a wide selection of products to suit yours requirements.

We are strong adviser in the design and product qualification.

Let's build together ....

With the support of our engineers and sales teams, we participate to the success of your projects.
Contact us and we'll help you find the right solution.

We support you over time to build together an effective and sustainable partnership.

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